Why You Should Try a Community Yoga Class

Trying new things can be daunting, there’s no denying that! It could be taking your first driving lesson or trying a new food – there is definitely a period of hesitation before trying anything new. But, new things keep us growing. It’s how we discover if we like or don’t like new things and it’s a great way of exploring our interests and keeping our friendship circle expanding.

Yoga was one of those things I was hesitant to try when I was 16, I thought “I’m not flexible enough for Yoga!” little did I know that that’s why people come to Yoga – to get flexible, not because they already are! And now, here I am, an active Yoga teacher.

There are a few benefits to try a community class vs. deep diving into your first class at a dedicated Yoga studio. I personally LOVE teaching my community yoga class in Poynton! Here’s a few reasons why you should try out a community Yoga class

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Yoga is great for your mental health

There have been plenty of studies done on both the physical and mental benefits of Yoga and Meditation and all of them confirm that Yoga is excellent for both. A study at the University of Utah found that regular Yoga practitioners have a high pain threshold and low stress. Their MRI’s showed that they perceived pain and stress less acutely than heathy non-Yoga practising individuals. A study of 24 women after 3 months of Yoga found that they had lower levels of cortisol, anxiety, stress, fatigue and depression. Who wouldn’t want to be happier? More energetic? Less stressed? The evidence is right in front of your eyes and i that isn’t enough to convince you…

Community classes tend to be Beginner friendly

This seems like it might be an obvious point, but the last place you want to find yourself when you’re trying Yoga for the first time is a class where everyone in the room is doing a Headstand and you’re not! Community Yoga classes are a great introduction into Yoga, they tend to be more beginner’s focused so you’ll be amongst people with a similar experience level to you.

Community classes are more affordable

Another great reason to give a community Yoga class a go is that they tend to be more affordable than a drop-in studio class. Drop-in’s at a studio tend to be around £12-£20 whether you’re looking at a more affordable area such as Manchester or a more expensive area such as London. But that’s a whopping price to pay when you’re not sure if you want to consistently keep coming back.

Community classes tend to have a lower price point because the rental for the space is more affordable than a Yoga studio. A single Yoga teacher in a community class may only be concerned with covering costs rather than profit turnover like a studio. Ask your local community Yoga teacher if they have any offers on and if they do things such as class packs!

You’ll see the same faces & make friends

Community Yoga classes tend to have a few regular faces. This also happens at a studio but because a studio’s offering is so much bigger you may not run into people as often as in a community class. A community class is a chance to see the same faces each week and gives you an opportunity to chat about Yoga or even to make friends!

Book in for Yoga with Abigail community Yoga class in Poynton via this link. I hope to see you in one of my classes soon!

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