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What’s the difference between Yin and Yang Yoga?

The world is full of opposites.

Fire & water.

Earth & air.

Peanut butter & jelly.

Yin & Yang Yoga.

We might favour one over the other; but sometimes these pairings (like PB&J) work well in tandem. Yin & Yang Yoga are one such pairing.

“Yang” has always been considered a masculine energy. Yang is active, direct, mental, excited. Yang is fire, hardness, dryness and quite restless.

“Yin” has always been feminine. If Yang is the Sun, Yin is the moon. Yin is soft, passive, receptive, nurturing, intuitive. Yin is more freeing, it goes with the flow. Yin is water, deep, emotive and sustaining. 

But what does this mean when we speak of Yoga?

Yang Yoga practises tend to call in the qualities listed above. They can be heated (literally), fast paced, they’re likely to get a sweat on, more fitness focused practises; for example – Power Yoga, Bikram, Sculpt Yoga.

Yin Yoga is gentler, slower; it gives space for you to think and really unwind in class. Yin Yoga is deep and passive because we hold floor based postures for 2-4mins so they work a deep stretch but allow the rest of our body to really reset.

When we practise Yoga we have so many choices available to us. Do we self-practise? Do we do an online lesson? Do we do a Live class?

Once we’ve decided that we have more options; do we do a Yang class? Do we do a Yin based class?

There are so many branches of Yoga and so many teachers delivering from those branches that no Yoga class can ever truly be the same.

But whether you’re feeling more Yang at the moment or more Yin; there is a Yoga class out there for absolutely everyone. All you have to do is find it.


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