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Astrology: What is a Birth Chart & birth chart reading?

What is a Natal chart? What is a Birth chart?

Birth charts, sometimes known as Natal Charts are an in-depth look at your personal astrology.

Most people are familiar with their sun signs i.e. You know you’re an Aquarius. But your sun sign isn’t the only sign that has an impact on your personality. There is also your: Rising sign, Venus, Moon, Mercury, Neptune etc.

There are more intricacies to your birth chart and to astrology than most people could ever know. Each of these planets in your chart will lie in a certain zodiac sign which will have a bearing on how you are and what your personality is like.

Astrology is an ancient art and was used to predict everything from the weather to major political events. Members of the royal family used to have access to personal astrologers. These personal astrologers would do their birth chart and also create horoscopes for their clients.

It’s only recently that astrology has come to be seen as quite ‘fluffy’ and feminine. Of course, in the patriarchy, anything feminine is of less worth than anything masculine. Astrology was also banned by the church and was also tied up in Witchcraft. So, it’s no wonder that people dismiss astrology as not being important or accurate. But even if you don’t ‘believe’ in astrology… or if you don’t believe in the accuracy of tarot they are still incredibly fun!

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birth chart natal chart reading yoga with abigail
This is what my chart looks like (ordered in a table format). Here you can see all my planets and the zodiac signs they are in. Plus, you can see their degrees and Houses. As you can see a birth chart is HUGE! It contains a lot of information which is why it’s always nice to have a reader go through it with you.

What happens at a birth chart reading?

If you’re new to astrology or not keen on figuring our the intricacies of your birth chart yourself, then booking for a birth chart reading is an easy and amazing way of getting to know your chart and all that it stands for.

At a birth chart reading, your reader will need to know the time, date and place of your birth. If you’re not sure it’s always best to either ask a parent or consult your birth certificate. These details will allow a reader to calculate your chart to find which zodiac signs each of the planets were in when you were born.

Most readers will begin with discussing your Big Three. Your Big Three is your Sun, Moon and Rising sign. These are the Core of who you are, who you are at home, and who you are to others. Your Big Three can tell you a lot about your personality, but a full natal chart reading will tell you even more and go into each of the planets and their zodiac positioning for you.

For example, Mercury is the planet of communication. It’s not part of your big three but if your Mercury is in Libra that would suggest that you communicate in a deep, sensitive and caring way that respects others.

natal chart birth chart reading witch astrology yoga with abigail
This is another look at what a natal chart looks like. They can be difficult to read for people who haven’t studied astrology. But they’re so much fun and incredibly revealing!

Are Natal Charts accurate?

From the number of birth charts I’ve done I would say that they are accurate. Speaking of my own chart I know that my chart is 99% accurate of how I see myself, there may be a couple of qualities in my chart the I don’t think I portray in certain signs. For example, if my Moon sign is Pisces this would mean that my personality is fairly deep and sensitive. I’d argue that I’m not particularly sensitive at all, but my Sun Sign is in Aries and I strongly identify with Aries and can definitely see that in my personality.

The truth is, you’ll never know just how accurate your natal chart is until you do your chart yourself or book in for a birth chart reading!

If you’ve always been interested in your signs and your horoscopes I’d highly recommend discovering your natal chart through a reading. These charts are revealing in ways you couldn’t imagine and lots of fun too!

Do you have ay questions about birth charts? Or what happens in a natal chart reading? Let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you!



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