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What Does it Take to Run Your Own Yoga Clothing Company?

I met Natalie, the owner of Yummy Yoga girl, via social media. I’d found her page through a Yogini I was following and struck up a conversation. Within just a few weeks I was at a Yummy Yoga Girl retreat hosted by herself and Anna Robertshaw (also an incredible Yoga teacher!) and leading a Yin class with the retreat attendee’s.

Natalie’s passion, not just for Yoga, but for the wellbeing of women is so apparent when you meet her and is crystal clear in her teachings and offerings. After she turned 35 she realised that her true calling was in the wellbeing space and in particular working with women and boy am I glad she made that decision.

Natalie launched Yummy Yoga Girl, a clothing company whose ethos is to make women feel confident in their Yoga clothing and also offer those class-to-street clothing options. I spoke to Natalie about what is takes to set up a successful Yoga clothing company and what’s up next for her in YYG and her coaching business; Cosmic Soul School.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from starting your own Yoga clothing company?

Ah now this is a great question. Starting any business from scratch comes with so many learns but the biggest lesson for me since starting Yummy Yoga Girl in 2017 is patience. The idea began with the fact I wanted stylish yoga cover ups but at a reasonable price and with sustainable and vibrant fabrics. I began designing with my fashion designer and visiting factories and making decisions I never realised I’d have to make. I learnt the whole process of how to design and produce a fashion range. Then I had to launch, manage advertising, PR and of course find ambassadors. Building trust is the largest part of any business I feel and selling online makes this challenging as an unknown brand. So I had to keep patient and find the fun in every task and embrace the challenges. My biggest advice to anyone starting out is keep believing in your idea and also on the days you feel tired and deflated give yourself a break. Fresh energy equals a fresh mind and this reaps so many creative benefits.

What achievement are you most proud of with your business?

This certainly has to be receiving emails from my customers telling me how much they love the products and how comfy they are. As I said I set up the business because I wanted to create affordable yoga clothes that were comfy yet chic and stylish. But more than that I wanted to encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin and make bold and courageous decisions to live their ultimate Yogini Lifestyle. This has definitely been the case. Women reach out to me and tell me how I inspire them daily to be who they are and also I have had comments from women saying how refreshing it is to see someone being so honest and happy with their body. Other highlights have been magazine features front cover of Om Magazine 3 times and being approached by influencers and boutique shops to feature our products.

What was the biggest mistake that taught you the most?

As a small company and when I say small I mean, just mean me and my hand picked female entrepreneurs who help with advertising and social, you can spend a lot of money on glossy ads with no return. At the beginning I spent a large amount of my budget on printed press and it did give me return but not on a monetary level. Every mistake has learnings as you say and I feel this gave me confidence to approach the media and build relationships. I was upfront with them from then on about my marketing budgets and we could speak openly about whether the features were right or not. I turned down Tatler as I had no guarantee that it would benefit my brand and I decided to risk another collection  instead. So I am happy to offer advice on this with hind site that the best way is to build relationships with magazines and begin to show them how you can bring worth and abundance to their readers and customers.  

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You have great relationships with your ambassadors – how did you go about creating those relationships?

Ah yes well I think the moon has something to do with this! All my ambassadors were given to me by the Universe. Alice Maisetti attuned a yoga class I taught at Om yoga Show and it was love at first sight. I totally tapped into her energy and just thought I have to talk with this lady. Svetla @ashtangi.who on Instagram, approached me at Om Yoga Show 2 years ago and she has been a dream to work with. You, Peace, Donna and Sophie have been my direct message yogini’s sending me love and asking to be involved with the business.And then the gorgeous actress and Model Fancy Alexandersson approached me as she loved YYG because it was so pink! It’s so important to keep the influencers in tune with the brand message and ethos so you can build a genuine and long standing relationships. I am passionate about people and when you come into the YYG fold you are part of a family. It’s about growing together and supporting one another. I feature many  female entrepreneurs on my blog sharing their stories and educating my readers and customers on sustainability. I just love sharing and evolving it’s part of the mission.

What is next for you Natalie?

This month I turn 40 and I am going to be having some time off to celebrate and detox from life. Then it’s going to be go…go…go. Yummy Yoga Girl is opening its doors to wholesale as part of a London based collective supporting female brands and unique products. This makes us more available to yoga studios and boutiques. I have just launched an online academy and coaching service for women looking for a deeper sense of self worth and innate calling to get more in tune with their intuition. I have so many offerings from freebies to a 6 month mentoring course and my Cosmic monthly membership which I am super excited about. 

When we make a commitment to ourselves the universe begins to bring us all we have desired. The energy begins to match with our dreams and magic begins to manifest. It is a time to rise and truly embracing the new energies and Cosmic Soul Academy  and Cosmic Soul Retreats offers a new opening for women to explore this in their own time and truly for themselves. 

I am writing a book too and I have a very exciting announcement in September! You can find out more this and follow my story on Instagram.

Finally I am getting a tattoo ha ha I am moving into what my friend and fellow radio presenter at Wellbeing Radio Karen Davis founder of Time Of Your Life called the Power Decade. Embracing my 40’s and all that will appear in the next 10 years is going to be truly COSMIC! 

If you’d like to shop our Yummy  Summer Sale be great to share our collection of clothes with you. Or if your soul is ready for an injection of intuition then Natalie has a newsletter and you will hear from her when she is guided to send out soul fulled messages! Sign up here!

I’d like to thank Natalie for taking the time to interview for Yoga with Abigail and wish her all the best with the future of Yummy Yoga Girl and Cosmic Soul School!



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