Astrology: Birth Chart Reading


Most people are familiar with their Sun Signs or more commonly known as Star Signs. You may be familiar with your Big Three. But most people aren’t aware of their full birth chart (sometimes known as a natal chart) and the many different influences that the planets and their sign placements have on your personality.

A birth chart reading is an in-depth look at your personality through astrology. You’ll be guided through each planet and which astrological sign your planets land in and I’ll go into detail about how this can affect your personality and the way you interact with others. I’ll also touch base on the Houses and how they affect your birth chart too.

I’ll send you your birth chart ahead of time so you can have a glance at some key points and then we can arrange a time for your reading where I can chat through each aspect of your chart and send you detailed notes and observations (this usually takes around 60-90mins!). Your birth chart and my notes are then yours to keep and refer back to whenever you want!


What do I need for a birth chart reading?

You’ll need your birth date, time and location of birth for me to do an in-depth reading. If you’re unsure of your birth time your best bet is to ask a parent or refer to your birth certificate.

How long will a birth chart reading take?

They usually take anywhere between 60-90 mins, I will not cut it short if we overrun as I want you to ask all the questions and come away feeling super knowledgable about your chart!

Can I have a compatibility reading for my partner?

If you’d like to add an additional birth chart reading please email me at and we’ll discuss a custom package for you.

What will I learn during my reading?

You’ll learn about your Big Three (Sun, Moon and Rising signs) and how they interact. I’ll also advise you on their compatibility and how any clashing or interacting may influence you and your behaviour. We will also take a look at the other planets in your chart, for example, Mercury as the planet of communication and delve into which of the astrological signs sits in each planet for you. We will take a brief look at the Houses and their impact on your chart. All in all you’ll leave with a greater understanding of astrology, the signs, and your personality.