3 Card Tarot Reading


A 3-card tarot reading featuring either the Rider Waite or the Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell. Tarot spreads can take a variety of different forms such as:

  • past/present/future
  • current situation/obstacle/advice
  • you/the other person/the relationship
  • stop/start/continue
  • strengths/weaknesses/advice
  • mind/body/spirit

There are many tarot spreads to suit the question you have in mind, or you as a whole. I perform all my readings in a quiet, confidential and sacred space using White Sage and Palo Santo to cleanse both the space and myself of any negative energies before performing the reading. I use a Selenite crystal to cleanse and keep negative energies away from my cards.

Once you’ve purchased a reading I’ll be in touch via email to ask you more about your query and you preferred spread (I’m happy to advise on which spread I think would work best for your query). Your reading will be delivered to you with a breakdown of each card and its meaning to you and your query, along with images of your reading in a PDF format for you to keep.

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What is Tarot?

Tarot are cards that tarot readers use during a reading to receive guidance and pointers about the query and querant.

What happens in a reading?

After purchasing a reading, I’ll be in touch via email to ask you about your question and if you have a preferred tarot spread. If you don’t I’m happy to recommend one! After I know your question I set up my personal space and ask the cards your query. You’ll be given a PDF with all the ins and outs of your reading and the various interpretations it can mean

What is the Rider Waite deck?

The Rider Waite deck is considered the world’s most popular Tarot Deck. The illustrations were drawn by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 and her drawings provide the basis for many modern tarot card decks.

What is an oracle deck? How is it different from tarot?

Oracle decks tend to be a little prettier and ‘nicer’ around the edges. Whereas a tarot deck will tell you your answers directly, and without consideration of your feelings. It’s the difference between a friend that’s blunt and one who is a bit fluffier.

Should I be scared?

Absolutely not. Tarot gives you insights into your question, the cards offer advice. They are not here to determine your future or course, but simply to give you more perspective to make your own choices.

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