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How I Got Started in Yoga

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was about 15/16. Like many people my first Yoga class was with Yoga with Adriene, she was accessible, friendly and also free – so a great option for getting started! Once I knew I was interested in Yoga I took up classes once per week at my local gym. The classes there were accessible and a great introduction to Yoga.

When I went to University, lots of things changed! I moved down from Manchester to Surrey and my Yoga practise went out the window for a while. Partying, gyming and Cheerleading (yup!) took me away from Yoga. Luckily my other sports kept me busy in between lectures and Cheerleading meant I kept super fit and strong throughout.

After a study abroad year in Los Angeles (I kick myself for not being into Yoga back then, as this would have been the perfect time to explore it – even if the studio prices would have bankrupted me!) and my Masters degree I moved back to Manchester. I found a relatively new Yoga studio about minutes drive from my house and this is where my Yoga journey really kicked off. With the studio being so close to where I lived and with me being freelance at the time I could visit easily and frequently. I think this is what made the difference between my practise being consistent and sporadic. Access to a studio that had daily classes and that was close by.

When the studio asked for Karma Yogis, Yogi’s who would work at the studio for a couple of shifts per week in exchange for free membership; it was a no-brainer. From there on our I was at the studio almost daily trying different styles of Yoga, learning which styles I liked and Didn’t, what teaching styles really resonated with me. I decided to do a 100hr Yin training to dip my toes into the teacher training world in June 2019.

My Yin Yoga training took me to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka; just two months after the terrorist attacks in Colombo, I touched down for a three and a half week trip. I met some amazing people on my training, especially Sheena and Lucie, who were incredibly supportive and FUN throughout. After completing my 100hr training my only regret was that i didn’t do the longer 200hr one! I loved it! I knew that teaching Yoga would always be a part of my life after that trip.

When I went home I immediately started teaching at my local studio and I’m so glad I jumped into it because I had no time to get scared or for any self-doubt!

As we rang in the new year I knew that I wanted to start another teacher training; this time in Vinyasa. Luckily I found one a couple of weeks before the course was about to kick off – 200hr Power Vinyasa Teacher Training with The House of Yoga in Putney. I imagined my Yoga teacher training journey being an incredible in-person experience, where I’d spend one weekend a month for 7 months learning with likeminded Yogi’s… then COVID hit.

I was worried that the training would be cancelled. I already loved it so much and had learned some amazing things about Yoga from my teachers. I didn’t want that to end. Plus, I’d bonded so well with my other teacher trainee’s that I didn’t want to have to stop the training and lose that experience with them. Fortunately, with the power of ZOOM our TTC continued! 190 hours later, this Friday will mark the last day of our training and I’ll be a Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher. How exciting!

My teacher training journey is also continuing with a 200hr Ashtanga-Vinyasa TTC with Sampoorna Yoga in Goa which I’m incredibly excited to finish at my own pace.

During lockdown myself and my partner moved back to Manchester, and for the foreseeable future this is where we will be staying and where I will be teaching. My love of Yoga has grown so much since I first stepped foot in a Yoga studio 17 months ago. I’m eagerly anticipating what the next 17 months will bring. Hopefully just as much change and development!

If you’re still reading this, I’d love to hear about your Yoga journey in the comments. And hopefully I’ll see you at one of my classes or workshops soon!



  • Lisa Autumn
    July 9, 2020

    YESSS so inspiring girl x

    Lisa |

    • Abi
      Lisa Autumn
      July 10, 2020

      Thank you Lisa! x

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