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5 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Trying anything for the first time can be a little bit scary, but Yoga doesn’t have to be! I remember my first Yoga class and wondering if I had brought or was wearing the correct things. Here’s a few tips on what to prepare so you can feel at ease in your first class…

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Wear gym gear to your first class

As a general rule of thumb what you wear to the gym to workout in is acceptable for practising Yoga. Some teachers advise wearing ‘comfy’ clothing – but sometimes that can be more inconvenient when you’re practising. For example, loose baggy tops are comfy, but they’re a nightmare when they keep falling into your face in Downward Dog. If you’re in a heated Yoga class then “comfy” clothing can also be a bit too much if it’s on the thicker side i.e. cottons rather than sweat wicking fabric. Double check to see if your class is heated or not, if you’re in a heated class, wear a sports bra, a top you can easily take off if you need to and leggings or shorts.

Bring water!

A lot of people think that Yoga is “easy” only to show up to a heated Power Vinyasa class without ANY water and be blacking out 20 minutes in. Yoga can be hard on your body (just like any workout can) and you wouldn’t show up to the gym without proper hydration, so don’t do it for Yoga!

Check if you need your own mat

Lots of Yoga studios will provide mats that are either free or that you can rent for a small fee. During COVID, not many studios are lending out mats so it may be worth you buying an affordable one for the time being.

Let your instructor know you’re a beginner

Give your Yoga teacher a heads up that it’s your first time trying Yoga. If you’ve tried Yoga at home before, for example, practising Yoga on YouTube I’d let them know that this is your first time in a studio. An in-person class experience is very different from online as you’ll receive adjustments and you may feel more obligated to keep up with other students in the class. By letting your instructor know its your first time it means they’ll make sure to give you suitable modifications for poses that are advanced.

Avoid heavy meals before class

Eating before class is a bit of a no-go. You’ll be twisting and turning in ways that you maybe haven’t done for years and doing that on a full stomach is incredibly uncomfortable and may also give you digestion issues! Avoid eating a heavy mean up to two hours before class, if you need a burst of energy I always find a banana does the trick! It’s likely your class is only an hour, perhaps an hour and a half, you can manage!

how to prepare for your first yoga class what to bring to yoga class yoga with abigail

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  • miki
    October 22, 2020

    Thank you for sharing these tips! I would like to start practicing yoga but I’m afraid that since I’m not so flexible, I won’t be able to do it!
    Miki x


    • abigailalicexyoga
      December 8, 2020

      That’s a totally normal feeling Miki! I always say to my students ‘how are you going to improve your flexibility if you’re too afraid to try Yoga?’ you’ll often find there’s more ‘inflexbile’ people in the room than flexible and your teacher should be giving you modifications for poses if you cant reach them just yet <3 x Abi

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